A total of 7 temples will be built along with Shyam Baba which will be the most revered place of worship for Hindus.The intricately designed, high enticing dome of Shyam Baba will leave the devotees awestruck. The temple will overflow with beautiful scriptures on white walls, portraying Rajasthani culture. These temples will be surrounded by gardens which will have a wide range of flowers, some of which can be used as an offering to the deities. The temples will also be surrounded by fountains which will offer devotees a mesmerizing and relaxing view.

Shyam Baba

Shyam Baba is a beloved deity of a myriad of families. This exquisite temple built in marble and vibrant colours reflects the vibrant and playful nature of Krishna. It is because of Lord Krishna that Shyam Baba is worshipped by millions today. At this temple you can expect to celebrate the festivals of Krishna Janmashtami, Jal Zulani Ekadashi, Holi and Vasant Panchami. The Phagun Fair is the temple’s main annual festival

Ganesh Ji

Our dearest god - Shri. Gajanan Maharaj is enthroned at this lavishly sculpted temple. The protector of households Lord Ganesha is worshiped first among all the Gods. Here at Shyam Baba Dham this sacred temple along with Lord Ganesha lies the holy deities of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Kartik, Goddess Laxmi and Goddess Sarasvati. All devotees are welcomed here to demonstrate their devotion by praying together to receive their blessings

Ram Darbar

This artistically designed temple has the deities Hanuman, Siya Ram and Lakshman presiding here. The sacred Ram Darbar has intricately crafted walls which is home to fine sculptures of numerous God’s from the Hindu mythology. The temple area is surrounded by open spaces for devotees to sit amidst nature and worship the deities in peace and tranquility.

Rani Sati

This temple is dedicated to Sati Ji, popularly known as “Dadiji” (Grandmother). Dadiji is well known to fulfill all the wishes of her devotees and grant them victory as a reward for their devotion. This skilfully constructed temple is surrounded by beautiful gardens and has an interesting aspect, that there is no deity in it. Instead a Trishul (trident) symbolising God’s power and force is worshipped. Join in the grand celebrations of Rani Dadi Janmotsav and make it memorable for your whole family.

Salasar Balaji

Salasar Balaji temple is devoted to the worship of Lord Hanuman, also known as Balaji. The place of worship, also known as Salasar Dham, symbolises the place of power. The Salasar Balaji temple at Shyam Baba Dham enables devotees to pay homage to the faith, strength and devotion shown by Balaji. Visiting and worshipping in this temple is thought to fulfill the prayers of many worshippers miraculously.

Shankar Bhagwan

The temple dedicated to Lord Shankar in Shyam Baba Dham worships Lord Shiva who is also known as a destroyer. He wields the power to destroy the entire universe and often destroys negative presences. Through destruction he brings about the necessary transformation from darkness to light, from evil to righteousness, from the sinful to the virtuous. Shiva is called Bholenath (the innocent one) because he is so easy to please and grants boons to devotees to reward their love and devotion despite their imperfections.

Radha Krishna Bhagwan

The love that Radharani has for Krishna embodies the highest form of devotion. Radha is considered to be the greatest devotee of Lord Krishna and many believe her to be the ‘Devotional Energy’ of Sri Krishna. This temple is a good place for devotees to experience and show their pure devotion to Lord Krishna and to enjoy blessings from the Lord.