Shyam Baba Dham is being built to accommodate the growing number of devotees and cater to the needs of wellness tourism. It is an all-encompassing, all-inclusive destination where people can unwind, detox and rejuvenate themselves from the mundane. It has a huge Shyam Baba monument on a hilltop measuring 80 feet from ground level. The exquisite property in and around the temple area is designed on the basis of an experiential concept, where a comprehensive trip will include a pilgrimage to this holy place, leisure activities and a wellness retreat center to wholly revive and revitalize oneself.

The dham will be spread across 30 acres of land of which one acre will contain the three temples. All the devotees of Shyam Baba visiting this holy place will be offered a myriad of facilities and benefits.

The vast area around Shyam Temple will have accommodations and amenities designed with an ancient appearance to it. Each room will be classy and tasteful, loaded with amenities par excellence. A traditional Bhojnalay will ensure guests get a taste of the famous local cuisine. The swimming pools will be designed like the Shyam Kund, giving it an exquisite look and the experience of the traditional cleansing dip. Entertainment areas like Amphitheatre, Library, Fountain show, Gaming zones, Play areas for kids and crèches for toddlers will ensure families spend quality time here. Other attractions will include an exclusive wholesale Lot Market which will be open to visitors.

To attract wellness tourism footfall the comprehensive wellness center will have it all. Yoga Shala will be a perfect spot for relaxation, meditation and practicing the art of yoga. The Ayurveda center will be equipped with the country’s best trainers to assist and guide you through a myriad of tried & tested Ayurveda treatments, massages and energy healing. The practices and principles of naturo-therapy will be available to all to experience the magic of natural medicines which are perfect to maintain long-term optimal health.

The property will be a perfect blend of nature, spirituality and tranquility which guarantees peace of mind, soul and body.

Shyam Baba Temple-Plan

  1. 1. Main Gateway
  2. 2. Shops
  3. 3. Entrance Plaza
  4. 4. Temple Landscape with Waterbody
  5. 5. Temple
  6. 6. Private Seating for Puja
  7. 7. Shyam Kund
  8. 8. Bhojanalay
  9. 9. Temple Orchard
  10. 10. Shyam Vatika
  11. 11. Admin and Security
  12. 12. Food Court
  13. 13. Indoor Recreational Area
  14. 14. Exhibition Hall
  15. 15. Ayurvedic Center
  16. 16. Interractive Garden with Ayurvedic Healing Plant
  17. 17. Meditation/Yoga Center
  18. 18. World's Tallest Shyam Baba Statue
  19. 19. Amphitheatre for Light and Sound Show
  20. 20. Housekeeping Facility
  21. 21. STP and Transformer Yerd
  22. 22. Admin with Medical Facility
  23. 23. Banquet Hall with Lawn
  24. 24. Helipad
  25. 25. Parking for Car, Bus and Electric Cars
  26. 26. Residential - Rooms
  27. 27. Dormitories