Dham Overview

Shyam Baba Dham has been built to accommodate the growing number of devotees and cater to the needs of wellness tourism. It is an all-encompassing, all-inclusive destination where people can unwind, detox and rejuvenate themselves from the mundane. The vast area of the Dham will have accommodations and amenities designed with an ancient appearance to it. Each room will be classy and tasteful, loaded with amenities par excellence. The property will be a perfect blend of nature, spirituality and tranquility which guarantees peace of mind, soul and body.

Shyam Baba Monument

The dham spread across 30 acres of land will include world's tallest Shyam Baba Monument on a hilltop measuring 80 feet from ground level surrounded by a vibrant and exuberant atmosphere that will transport you through a blissful, sacred journey towards inner peace in this desert paradise.


The temples of Shyam Baba, Ganesh Ji, Ram Darbar, Salasar Balaji, Lord Shankar & Radha krishna will be a highly revered place of worship for Hindus. Built in white marble, which stands as a symbol of peace and purity, the temples are assured to enchant devotees by its sheer beauty. The intricately designed, high enticing dome of Shyam Baba will leave the devotees awestruck. The temple will overflow with beautiful scriptures on white walls, portraying Rajasthani culture.

Room Plan

Shyam Baba Dham situated at a great location away from the noise and pollution of urban life and run by warm-hearted people, this place is designed to provide luxurious integrated wellness. This heavenly abode consists of 2500 rooms spread across 24 acres and loaded with modern amenities and lush courtyards.


Yoga Center

Shyam Garden


Kid's Play Area

Wellness Retreat





Naturopathy Center

Shyam Kund


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